MNT vs. Scotland: Field Level Highlights – May 26, 2012

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. That`s because MLS sucks and US players are not skilled enough and also too spoiled to play for european top teams…

  2. Still shit, just like smelly Argentina.

  3. georgiaboi93100

    hahaha um we played argentina and we tied 1-1 and messi didnt have a goal?????

  4. He could have put Paraguay too because during the qualifying for WC 2010 Paraguay Stomped on Argentina and Brasil smh..

  5. ballcapmusicbox

    @northshore I believe you were too busy being an inadequate team.

  6. 5-1…enough said

  7. Scotland was too busy laughing at Team USA’s new WHERE’S WALDO kit. All they need now is the cap and glasses.

  8. This is Amazing Footage, bur bradleys goal was the best goal i’ve seen in a while

  9. yes there may be a limited number of us soccer players..but we are a larger country by far over scotland kinda evening it out..js.

  10. not my fault theyre terrible

  11. USA USA USA USA 4 ever!!!

  12. captain and future captain at very end of video…very nice boys!

  13. Johnson is Effing Amazing!

  14. Messi worlds best (Soccer lol) player would run rings around these long legged freaks. and he’s only 5ft7.

  15. Replace our basketball courts in America with football fields…………………….enough said.

  16. even so, dont insult them like that

  17. now which one is Waldo?

  18. illusionoftime22

    what a shot by bradley.wish thatd go in more then once every 110 tries

  19. I bet he is no German with this silly Nickname

    Looks like Asian or Mexican Fanboy of the german National-Team

  20. jo wenn fast die halbe Mannschaft inner Bundesliga spielt 😀

  21. GermanFootballPlayer

    I’m just being real, man. It’s a fact.

  22. This is an awesome view, can we get one of these from every game.

  23. TheQuintessentialBM

    U MADD BRO?????

  24. It was even better looking live. Great game. Was my first US game and it wont be my last.

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