MLS Soccer Stadiums 2012 – American & Canadian

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  1. btw some of these players are Owen Hargreaves (legend in England if he could only stay fit – born and raised in Calgary but represented his father’s country, England), Asmir Begovic (plays for Stoke City in England and rep. Bosnia), Junior Hoilett (top class young winger for QPR, although he’s been on the radar of big clubs like Arsenal and United for awhile – he’s half Jamaican, he has represented Canada in the past but isn’t always capped for some reason), Jacob Lensky (Czech Rep.), and so on

  2. that’s my point…. the Brits brought the game to Canada. but anyway it doesn’t really because my real point here is that Canada has many immigrants who bring quality football/soccer to the country, especially at the youth level. the problem is that at the senior level, most of the best players decide to represent other countries , which is why Canada’s national team is worse than it should and is non-representative. I know I would rep Italy or Romania over Canada…

  3. 1904? Hardly relevant to the here and now my friend, that is over 100 years ago and I’m sure those were Brits representing Canada. (not that it matters).

  4. Canada is not more multi-cultural than the US and immigrants who come to the US do not assimilate as you claim they do. The liberal elite claims the US is a ‘cultural mosaic’ or a ‘tossed salad’. Immigrants cheer for their native teams, keep their language and basically exploit the US for a better life while refusing to ‘Americanize’ themselves.

  5. The only decent players are south American? You’re Canadian and your national team hasn’t qualified for th WC since 1986 so I wouldn’t criticize American players and their ability. I really don’t care about your past or what you like, Canada is not a soccer nation and never will be.

  6. and as proof of the sport’s history in Canada, Canada won a gold medal in men’s football at the olympics in 1904. obviously it’s been awhile but it’s something. I support Italy and Romania before Canada anyway

  7. and don’t forget the US over tens times Canada’s population..yet Canada is still more multicultural than the US, all the immigrants in the US tend to become Americanized whereas in Canada we keep our culture (especially first generations like me) bc of the English and other Europeans,Canada have more history in football than you think. in the late 1800s/early 1900s it was popular with all the men directly from England , but after it awhile it died. now it’s back bc of all the european immigrants

  8. that’s such bullshit,I hate hockey and all other sports,I’ve been playing FOOTBALL all my life. and I was born & raised in Canada. I hope you realize that there are a lot of immigrants in Canada who love “soccer” and nothing else. I’m 100% European in background, I’ve lived in/visited several countries but I’m still proud to call myself Canadian because I was born in Canada & I live for football!! & I’ve been living in Florida for the past 5 years,the only decent players are south american lol

  9. I just hope the MLS will announce a 20th team whether it’s in New York or South Florida.

  10. AZ09astrophysicist

    yes it is

  11. ChampCarforlife

    Is it worth watching!

  12. AZ09astrophysicist

    Saputo Stadium is my favorite then LSP,RBA,HDC.

  13. AZ09astrophysicist

    MLS is on the rise!

  14. I see the enthusiasm for soccer has arrived in the United States.
    Perhaps you will soon such an atmosphere.
    Best regards from Frankfurt, Germany

  15. A ploy? Now this conversation is just getting stupid!!! God bless America, in all their ignorance. (btw, just had a great wkend in Washington State.)

  16. Sorry guy, but your national sport is hockey, not soccer. Your attendance vs. all other countries is extremely poor (ie vs Ecuador, Mexico, etc) but against the US it will be massive this June 3rd (mark my words). I refuse to hate entire nations of people, but soccer in your country is a ploy, nothing more. Your national team will not qualify for the WC 2014, and few Canadians will attend WC qualifiers, even if held in Canada, unless it’s against the US. How much more proof do you need??

  17. only if you insist ; ) if you continue saying that the only reason canadians like soccer is to find an “identity” different from americans then yes, yes any and every canadian will tell you your and idiot american.

  18. Sorry, if your going to boast about your country again and again, you’re going to put your people at risk. I have never in 11 years met one American, Aussie, Brit, Irish or Kiwi who goes on about their nation as Canadians do. Sorry guy, but reality will bite you hard. Even one of my girlfriend ‘s English teachers fits your stereotype. She is saying most of her English conversation classes with a Canadian involved pro-Canadian rhetoric and bickering about the US. (Please keep responding).

  19. “the general opinion of the world is that Canadians are more likeable”

    You don’t speak for the world. I can assure your claim isn’t the case and I am walking proof of it. There is a world outside of youtube, I suggest you see it. (My Korean girlfriend and I are reading your comments as I type this.)

    Canadians have little history in and virtually no international success in soccer. I really don’t know how Canada has the most influence on the world when the US has 50% control of the IMF.

  20. and in no way am i hating on all americans just like im sure nothing your saying is based anything more than the stereotypes. in fact im from quite close to the border in Vancouver and have many good friends state-side. But just going back to in general. the general opinion of the world is that canadian are more likeable than americans.

  21. hahaha man the fact that canadians like soccer have nothing to do with you man we just do. accept that and learn to share but it has been an exciting debate lol thanks for that. the BBC does an annual poll asking which country has th most positive influence on the world, and canada tops US constantly… nothing personal. Germany was first this year funny enough.

  22. The only self-conceit is on your end. I said Canadians are jumping on the soccer band-wagon due to their desire to be different than Americans. I used the June 3rd friendly match up as an example and you agreed. It isn’t about ‘hating’ Canadians, however I have never met a more self-absorbed and insecure people on the planet than your countrymen. Most Aussie and British teachers I have spoken to about it agree. By all means please keep it up, it is in fact the difference between us. 🙂

  23. hahahaa k i love soccer because i’ve played it all my life and it’s a great sport…. i hate americans cause they’re typicallyarrogant and yes self conceited which your only proving to be true. they’re two completely irrelevant facts man

  24. I’ve lived in 5 different countries over the past 11 years and I have been well liked by everyone because I’m American. The only ones who have had a problem with me are Canadians (but not all). In any case, I really don’t worry about it. If you think *not* wearing your flag on your backpack makes people laugh at you, then you’rew sadly mistaken. Many of your own people are starting to rip their flag off their backpack and join the rest of us; meaning, the ‘rest of the world’. : )

  25. It has nothing to do with the press, it has to do with Canada’s inferiority complex. As I stated earlier, your country is going through a identity revolution of sorts and its people are dying to be seen and heard. I’m not trying to insult you, however, it seems if Americans show the least bit of patriotism you write it off as ‘self-conceit’, where as you refuse to recognize that Canadians go way over-board with theirs. Soccer isn’t popular in Canada, being different that the US is.

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