The United States national team will be without manager Jurgen Klinsmann on the touchline after the German was suspended for the Gold Cup final. The United States will be taking on Panama in the final and this is a great opportunity for the nation to get a major trophy under the felt before the World Cup qualifying campaign resumes. Klinsmann, who has come in for criticism in recent months, has managed to get his team to the final of the competition. However, he will not be present in the touchline due to the suspension he received just minutes before the end of the semi-final against Honduras.

The United States were winning the match 3-1, but Klinsmann’s outburst against a decision by the referee resulted in him being sent off. The CONCACAF disciplinary committee has reviewed the incident and has given the former Bayern Munich player a one match suspension. Captain of the team, DaMarcus Beasley, though, has said that it does not change the outcome of the final. He has said that the team is extremely well prepared and is confident of winning the final. Honduras committed a series of hard fouls against America and the manager was extremely displeased with the officials.

a�?I dona��t think it changes too much. Ita��s always good to have him on the bench, but hea��ll give his wisdom before the game a�� make sure we get off on the right foot. But ita��s not going to be the same not seeing his face on the sideline, giving us instructions when we need it and being the enthusiastic person that he is on the bench. Especially, when we score or he needs to tell us something if we need to change something,a�? said the US captain ahead of the match, which could be their fifth consecutive victory.

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