US national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has stated that he is worried at the prospect of his players not getting top-level experience by staying in the MLS. The MLS is nowhere near enough in comparison with the European leagues in terms of the quality. In the past, American players managed to secure a loan or permanent moves to European clubs, which helped them compete against the best in the world. It is simply not happening in recent years according to Klinsmann, who fears that this may have recuperations for the national team.

Klinsmann has so far done well after being appointed as the national team manager. This has helped him earn a new contract that he signed only recently. The US is expected to make an impact at the World Cup, but Klinsmann is remaining tight-lipped about the chances of doing well at this major tournament. To add to the problem, the US have been given a very tough draw in the group stages where they will be playing the likes of Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. All teams are capable of aspiring for promotion and Klinsmann reckons that it will be difficult period for the national team.

Players like Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey have had successful careers in Europe, but it is simply not translating into the current crop of youngsters.

“There is no demand for USA players in Europe. It is just a sign of reality. The demand is not there. It is a very, very tricky situation that players face right now. You want them to play in the best clubs in best leagues in the world and obviously MLS is not there yet,” said Klinsmann, who became one of the best midfielders in the world during his time at Tottenham. He has been the national team manager of USA since 2011.

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