Is MLS Soccer Better Than Premiere League Football?

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  1. You are comparing a 4th placer, at the moment, in the MLS in their
    conference VS one of the top teams in the world. I mean, come on! 🙂 MLS is
    definitely improving, although you definitely would not see it here since
    these are the subs mostly playing for the Galaxy because they are halfway
    into their season and are protecting key players. But, nontheless, if this
    was a contest between a midseason ManU VS a complete and midseason Galaxy,
    you can still expect a scoreline that favors ManU. I’d say maybe 3-0 or
    maybe 4-0. 🙂 So, in other words, there is no comparison really. For now
    that is. lol… The MLS is still pretty exciting to see how far it will go
    in terms of development. The EPL is already up top so there’s not much to
    see there in terms of how far it can go since it has already arrived. The
    MLS? We shall see… 

  2. I like the English league, but sometimes the fans go a little to far. :)

  3. How good is Manchester United?