HIGHLIGHTS: Sporting Kansas City vs DC United

Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. give my nigga teal his euro contract fa real bp up in dis thing send him to man udt or arsenal hell, real Madrid or barca he would tear that shit up

  2. Bill Hamid is a damn joke!! It takes more then being a 6’4 giant to be a good keeper. Give this guy some training.

  3. DarthCricketMan567

    Please don’t. I think we both understand what i ment. Urban Dictionary – Not a Homosexual or somehing that you find stupid, dumb, idiotic, pointless, and or annoying.

  4. lol why does it make you gay to comment first anyways?

  5. Lol. Good one buddy.

  6. Zusi!!!!! You beauty!

  7. completechaos21

    He used to annoy me…now i just appreciate his excitement :3

  8. DarthCricketMan567

    You don’t know shit dude. Just back the fuck out.

  9. There are two people are holding united down.
    1. Bill fucking hamid. Thag piece of shit belongs on the bench and he will be great as a towel boy.
    2. Ben olsen. Love him as a player but as a coach not so much.

  10. Glad Zusi is performing better cause he played terrible in the Open Cup final.

  11. I thin Bunbury is finally back. keep playing like this Teal!

  12. Najar has been away for qualifying and playing in the olympics, he’s barely got a chance to play lately.

  13. It’s in the net! He’s my favorite commentator lol

  14. Hamid is a terrible goaltender. Anyone could’ve blocked that last goal. I don’t know how he’s Tim Howard’s 3rd goaltender.

  15. First decent game for Najar in a long time.

  16. supermcdonaldsbros

    Zusi is such a consistently awesome player.

  17. i’d like to see the numbers on how many of the mls skc highlight videos have the skc announcers.

  18. thru the legs nigga lol

  19. Red bulls are going to have some fun vs skc…

  20. Cograts to SKC

  21. DarthCricketMan567


  22. DarthCricketMan567


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