HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids

Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. I’m French and I often have a look on MLS. And the team which I prefer to watch is Seattle, cause of these fans in this woderfull stadium.

  2. thresherbiker10

    Anybody know the name of the song at :22-:33? They play it at almost every kick off at Sounders games.

  3. @RandomGuy7815 Most likely yes if you go on tge Sounders official YouTube channel, they upload highlightes for almost every match

  4. I hope so if i’m still up, i think it might be about 2.30 ish in the middle of the night here, i’ll try and get a link or see if its on tv saying that it’ll probably be on the Chelsea tv channel. Is it me or do they seem to play Seattle more than the other MLS teams. I wonder if they’ve got a business partnership, maybe in the youth acadamy etc. Hope Seattle play well and its a good game, i cant see it being the drubbing it was last game tho as the blues are a team in transition at the moment.

  5. It’s very unique, i like it, it fits the image of Seattle i think & on a side note American’s should pay no heed to the odd dickhead European’s whose comment’s are just to knock MLS teams, we have our fair share of idiot’s just like you have, idiots are everywhere, they come in all shapes & colours & nationalities. Is it as good as the big Euro clubs, of course not but the US teams are catching up quick & i for one enjoy watching your league on tv. Adios amigo.

  6. i’m just curious. will you be watching the sounders fc-Chelsea fc match?

  7. Not sure if Johnson or Ballotelli 😛

  8. TheDavidnumber7

    @zeumeu shutup

  9. I watch PL and Bundesliga, however both have reach their peak. MLS is a good league and still growing. Also you should have watch the LA Galaxy vs Portland timbers game yesterday, a very good game. MLS is the future, NY COSMOS, should be joining in 2-3 years. Also watch other leagues, watching two leagues, is boring. I love the Brazilian league,MLS and Italian league, I watch all different kinds of leagues. You love soccer, watch your local team.

  10. critical

    Americans stop now even play soccer. that’s an order. Why do not you play hocky or basketball? soccer is for the people of Brazil ok! I am a girl living the city of Rio de Janeiro and not accept it! stop soccer, I’m ordering!

  11. Will highlights of the friendly between Seattle Sounders and Chelsea FC be available on Youtube?

  12. I’m from the states and I’m not the biggest fan. The PL and the Bundesliga are where it’s at.

  13. You watch the Sounders yet you suport Dynamo? Okay, enough said.

  14. lol buddy I don’t even live in seattle i just watch the sounders. I support the dynamo dude. and we do have a real soccer stadium. and you can’t say Century Link is just for football when the Sounders pack in 40k every game and even sell the whole hing out for some

  15. @sadsmack They did have a soccer team in mind when they built the stadium. Not only do we get 40k at home games but we also have amazing traveling support, not to mention we sell out US Open cup matches.

  16. @1969JohnnyM Thank you! We love our stadium as well. 🙂

  17. The MLS has definitely got great fans, having a great league that is obviously getting better + stronger which will have a knock on effect with the US national team who i can see in the future being capable of challenging for the holy grail of team sport the World Cup. No other sport gets everyone behind the team representing their country like footie, it’s also nice to see no diving which has blighted our sport in recent years, hopefully divers will be sent off so we can rid ourselves off it !

  18. Wow love the Seattle stadium, truly unique ! I’m a Chelsea (blues) fan but wont hold the Arsenal bit against you as my son’s mothers side of the family are from Tottenham but for some reason are all gunners, i’m guessing you know Arsenal fans are called gunners, the name of the club gives a clue to it’s history + why etc. The standard of footie in the US is getting better + i watch the game of the week + highlights every week as it’s on European tv now. Bayern + Real have lovely stadiums as well

  19. TheHunterRanger

    Anyone else notice the Balotellli-esque goal celebration?

  20. ditto!

    My three favorite football clubs:

    MLS: Seattle Sounders FC

    German Bundesliga :VfL Wolfsburg

    Barclay’s Premier League: Arsenal

  21. The Emerald City Supporters: Hated since ’09 and will be hated forever. Sorry we get more than 9,000 fans in our stadium. I missed where that made us fake. Sounders til I die!

  22. Im from Narnia and I love MLS

  23. Fernandez is the secret underlying piece of that Seattle team. I’m 100% sure.

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