HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids, April 14, 2012

Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. i wasss thereeereer

  2. StupidIdiot12345

    How many games have the Rapids played where their keeper is the player of the game for saving their bacon? I’d almost be willing to call him player of the game here as well. His saves were so good, they almost made up for the poor defending.

  3. charlieaaquilina

    montaro needs to dish the ball out and they could of gotten at least 3 more goals easily, he tried too hard 

  4. zaratejosecarlos

    the best crowd of MLS is Seattle Sunders

  5. TheSoccerforthewin

    montero is not one of the top 3 are you kidding!!!!!! i live in seattle and i am a HUGE sounders fan but montero is just like me. we normal average players with a couple amazing games when we decide to actually play only montero is 20 times better then me. im not saying i should be in mls. no way. but if any seattle play would go to europe, it would be alonso. that guy is amazing

  6. If only every MLS team had fans that can pack a stadium like the Seattle Sounders’ fans

  7. kiwicrafters100

    Mullen rules, my grampas son i best friends with him.

  8. This game could’ve been a little smoother for Sounders is Rosario was playing…

  9. absolutely right.

  10. I’d say alonso is up there too.

  11. High quality football there…two good teams.

  12. Montero is without a doubt one of the top 3 best players in MLS. Any denying that is either ignorance of football, or bias. This is most likely his last season in MLS, as Europe is calling, big time.

  13. 7:59 Montero puts a nice little flick onto the ball but to ensure a better chance at scoring he definitely needs to pass that to the man on his right. You could see the open man was mad, too. Montero hits the ball well, no doubt, but I think he should let Alonso do that work, because we’ve actually seen Alonso SCORE from there. Aside from that, both goalkeepers played well and smart in this match, the header was great, and the officiating was top class. Great match!

  14. I don’t think the sounders will ever lose to this team as long as mullan is playing for them.

  15. 1: Montero was far more effective today being “not calmed down” than he has being calm and collected
    2: Again, Pickens is an excellent Goalkeeper not unlike Busch. Both games easily could’ve been a 2 – 3 goal deficit for the other team if not for solid performances by their gk’s.
    3: Keep in mind there’s no Johansson / Rosales yet. Hopefully next game, as there’s a break this week.

  16. Check out my channel I was there I recorded some too please? Thumps up?

  17. That won’t be a problem for long.

  18. Mullan was the guy who broke their star player and captain Zakuani’s leg last year and Zakuani has not gotten back into the team yet and the sounders have not forgotten so it makes sense that they would react to another bad tackle by the same player.

  19. At 6:27 there was some tension because Mullan is the one who broke Zakuani’s leg last year and that has not been forgotten so after another bad tackle the Sounders players and fans really got pissed.

  20. Caskey is amazing at set pieces!

  21. 3rd win of the season!!! <3

  22. Lol Overreacting by Seattle players!

  23. Not really… it was “good” acting on the part of Alonzo and Montero.

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