HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Chicago Fire

Movie Score: four / five

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  1. YUnitedFootball

    iv never watched american soccer, so im not familiar with the players but based on these highlights the goalkeeper Johnson seems to be very good, does he play like that consistently ? it was one of the best displays from a goalkeeper that i have seen

  2. notimetovisitmaniacs

    I’m a Quakes fan. I was never really a Lenhart fan. I was surprised the Quakes re-signed him at the beginning of the year. Seemed too scrappy and lacked a lot of skill. I think he has begun to turn his act around quite a bit. Not as scrappy and cheap, simply fights hard every game. No longer relying on playing dirty. Not to mention dealing with a big tragedy off the field. Lately I’ve been proud to have this guy on my team.

  3. Lenhart is definitely one of those players you hate unless he’s on your team

  4. san jose’s new stadium is coming soon.

  5. Lenhart is the biggest tool in the MLS.. Just look at him.

  6. Everyone in England. (Which is really funny because they have Martin Tyler.)

  7. It’s awesome that this tiny stadium of 10,000 makes more noise than most EPL stadiums.

  8. Goddamn what a great atmosphere

  9. Fire fan here, the fact that both sides complain about the referee (too much stoppage time and no handball calls) ought to tell you that the guy has no business calling a game at this level.

  10. @flameflyer1 the sj got three more min? or the game got 3 more min?

  11. The twat gets the winning goal.

  12. MMAmachinhead92

    Chicago started packing it in defensively after they scored their first goal. San Jose had almost all the possession and shots, but Chicago’s stagnant defense congested the box. Not to mention those uncalled handballs that should of went San Jose’s way and thChicago’s time-wasting.

  13. It’s a good question, who exactly said that?

  14. refs can add on more time past the 90th min if a player is injured, so you don’t know soccer if you disagree. I love you quakes and keep being the best team in the league 🙂

  15. who said american announcers don’t give emotion when someone scores a goal? 7:08 to 7:23

  16. Johnson deserved a shutout

  17. Wheres the Avalanche SJ Ultras ?

  18. 2 points behind. We’re coming for you SJ

  19. I was at that game, and what you didn’t see is that some player from Chicago *got injured* in the EXTRA time, and had to be carried away (Causing a 2-3 minute extension and halted the game). THAT IS WHY THE EARTHQUAKES GOT 3 MORE MINUTES!

  20. Bullshit! Ref can’t tell time and caused fire to lose that lead to settle for a tie

  21. No, you guys added 5 minutes to the game and it ended up being 10 minutes. If that didn’t happened, then Fire would’ve won.

  22. This game is basically a goalkeeper save highlight reel!

  23. unfair time? you player was staying on the ground for more than 3 mins! no excuse!

  24. Chicago fire was winning until they added UNFAIR time to the game and earthquakes made a goal -__-.

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