HIGHLIGHTS: New England Revolution vs Montreal Impact, August 12, 2012

Online video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Nyassi with da pace Nyassi with da finish

  2. ChibTheFifaPlayer

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, it’s all about fifa 12 xD

  3. whithout Nesta … nothing to do here

  4. Da Underground Darkness

    im not a fan of the Revolution but i like Sene and Nguyen

  5. Nyassi celebration = Hold LT + double tap Y

  6. Sene is nowhere near balotelli so stop embarrassing yourself

  7. go whitecaps! go impact!, go tor… NOT

  8. He was traded to Portland for Troy Perkins.

  9. what a beauty from a good player! good game for impact and bad luck to revs

  10. Where is RICKETTS?

  11. where is nesta??

  12. chingateporfavorSG

    Saer Sene = Mario Balotelli of MLS

  13. 3:30 for God mode

  14. NE Revs are right up there as the worst franchise in MLS with Chivas. Nothing says you love footy more than 10k/game

  15. aha Sana Nyassi goal of the week!!! MTL babyy whoohoo =)

  16. That was one boring game but glad MTL Won

  17. Honestly Revs really should have won that. So many posts but if they should have won they would have won. Good Game Impact!

  18. allez l’impact !

  19. What kind of surface are they playing on? For humanities sake that better not be synthetic!

  20. haha nyassi with the fifa celebration lol

  21. I loved the nutmeg by Nyassi!its great show of skill and great goal,Go Impact!

  22. christian31Eagles

    Commentator says McCarthy has been solid all seaosn. Is he watching the same Stephen McCarthy I’m watching?

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