HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids, August 11, 2012

Video Score: 5 / 5

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  1. what is the song that plays after benitiz scores?

  2. Real fans do..

  3. Why is defense so bad in MLS?

  4. @88pie88 This type of stuff /watch?v=6QWpH5eIV84

  5. fabian04indigente

    Como el chigui con goles de tiro libre bn chigui

  6. The Chigui Benites jajaja

  7. CarlozOnlyGreen

    Represent Colombian Soccer

  8. what the fuck is wrong with arizona?

  9. The problem with Dallas attendance is that they are located in Frisco, Tx not in Dallas. Nobody is going to drive 45 mins for a soccer game?

  10. George John should get a suspensions from the disciplinary committee for that embellishment. looked like busquets to me.

  11. @88pie88 I don’t think any foreigner wants to risk traveling to Arizona.

  12. what a match!

  13. AdamClaytonWright

    Hunt Sports Group. If you look, the FO can fill the stadium when they are allowed to do their job but the Hunt brothers keeps the purse strings tight so they can stay under budget.

  14. AdamClaytonWright

    sorry but most Stars games look like FCD games attendance wise unless they are doing really well or are in the playoffs. 

  15. It would be cool if Arizona had there own team. I would like to see a Phoenix Pima’s club.

  16. I swear it’s like they’re taking the commentators from American football and baseball. Can’t wait for those sports to die, then their so called legends would find out how worthless they are and that they wasted their lives.

  17. would of been so much sweeter if they locked legs and started twitching too lool

  18. Dear MLS Please move Dallas or Chivas to Arizona we can provide attendance. as long as they dont play in university of phoenix stadium than attendance will probablly suffer horribly.

  19. @thehumblecat1 your an idiot were not even in colorado retard

  20. He didn’t even kick george john what a pussy

  21. Texans please leave colorado. We all hate you

  22. Yeah you can. He let his temper get in the way of the game.

  23. No you can blame him. He’s a dumbass.

  24. Can’t blame Castrillon, the other guy was deliberately getting in his way; kneed for stupidity.

  25. wouldn’t be surprised if Castrillon picks up a suspension

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