HIGHLIGHTS: Chicago Fire vs Toronto FC, August 4, 2012

Online video Rating: five / 5

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  1. Was there. Awesome second goal´╗┐ on fire!

  2. luisdeGuatemala

    Yes, I know ­čÖü lol´╗┐

  3. Great game I´╗┐ have a vid of the FIREWIRKS I might post it on my channel

  4. That’s just how Petr Cech broke his skull – knee to the head. Dangerous job, being´╗┐ a goalkeeper . . .

  5. eric4444444444444444

    People were´╗┐ probably at´╗┐ Lollapalooza…

  6. Nobody´╗┐ cares…

  7. Pappa forever´╗┐

  8. BIG PAPPA!!´╗┐

  9. TFC disappoint yet´╗┐ again

  10. I was there yesterday. The seats actually filled up. The people started´╗┐ coming in later. Even after second half. Great game tho!!!

  11. Pappa is the anchor of this club. It will be sad to see him go but, damn, he deserves it. Is anyone else having trouble viewing the video? ´╗┐ It keeps cutting out. I’ve been having issues with YouTube the past few days.

  12. Pappa next year u r going to´╗┐ Europe

  13. i like how the announcer was completely oblivious to the fact that´╗┐ number 4 knee’d his own goalkeeper in the face. 1:40

  14. i met sparky and the other mascots

  15. i was at that game with my soccer team and my two brothers. at the end of´╗┐ the game when they won i took my shirt off and I’m 7. good game fire and great comeback

  16. It is spelled “border.” What you guys´╗┐ put there is someone who rents a room.

  17. Good´╗┐ Job Fire!

  18. Love the passion but… probably´╗┐ not the truth haha

  19. luisdeGuatemala

    Chicago Fire, the best team´╗┐ ever!

  20. FIRE!!!´╗┐

  21. What an awesome´╗┐ live game tonight! A little too tough of a win than it shoulda been, but atleast we got the inevitable 3 points.

  22. It seemed like the commentators had no idea the TFC guy had earned his second yellow and was´╗┐ to be sent off.

  23. haha what that was a clear´╗┐ yellow

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