HIGHLIGHTS: Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders, April 28, 2012

Video Score: four / five

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  1. yeah when their keeper playes with the United States

  2. who’s friedrich??

  3. This commentator rocks.

  4. Sounders!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. david estrada doin it big im proud to say i kno him! 

  6. It was also a red card. Anibaba (or however you spell his name) got red carded for it because it wasn’t a tackle that happened all game.

  7. Toronto are just really good at being bad.

  8. Maybe they were late to celebrate Earth Day.

  9. Or shale on the road.

  10. Something about going green.

  11. WoolyWoolwine83

    Does anyone know why the numbers on Chicago Fire’s shirts were green for this match? And what was the patch on their left sleeve? It didn’t look like the MLS patch.

  12. Don’t you mean the wind?

  13. Awesome Goal By Marco Pappa!!!!!!!

  14. I was there!!! Problem was I’m 14 and we got Party Deck tickets from a relative. They redirected us to better seats on the 105 level close to the middle.

  15. That was a cold day lol! I favorited the corner kick goal, after all we got free cereal and a gallon of milk because of this.

  16. i don’t now how toronto fc couldn’t beat fire when fire’s keeper sucks that much

  17. What the Sounders wear at home: green and blue. What the Sounders wear on the road: all green.

  18. QuebecHellsMTLAngels

    Nice game

  19. Man, two great achievments made by Beckham almost both re created in this game. The half field goal and Olympian goal

  20. Windy City derives from Cincinnati writers, who said that Chicagoan’s were bad people and liars, but nice try anyways 🙂

  21. The funny thing is it’s almost never windy here 🙂 Guess we got lucky

  22. Man, Alonso likes going for the neck.

  23. injury, quad strain or something.

  24. 01firestarter10

    goalkeeper is retarded!

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