HIGHLIGHTS: Chicago Fire vs. FC Dallas, May 23, 2012

Movie Score: four / five

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  1. thamafialeader123

    me too

  2. I was there that day’ lol.

  3. i got the tickets for free

  4. I was watching with my 2 bros and his friend



  7. he was trying to take the penalty with him he was that far in the box

  8. midfield turnover? really? hands caught in the cookie jar? haha

  9. Is the ref blind? Or is he just not a ref. Marco was running right in front of the ref when he cheated the penalty WTF mls?!?!

  10. roberto carrera

    paisano big pappa confió en ti tienes que jugar en Europa eres grande yo se que te darán un chance

  11. Agh, I hate seeing a goal from a putback on a penalty. It’s like cheating the keeper after him making a marvelous stop. Especially when the person who put it back was in the penalty area before the fucking penalty was taken. I was trying to fault the FC Dallas players, but honestly, it was entirely the referees fault. Get your shit together, MLS. That was a disgrace, the Fire don’t deserve those points and those refs don’t deserve their jobs. Just an absolute disgrace.

  12. Looks like a terrific game! Would have loved to have been there.

  13. imabeast1032123

    6:08 LOL

  14. That Grazzini goal was brilliant.

  15. i was in the 1st row right behind the goal and i thought no way is that pappa goal going to stand.

  16. Grande Pappa!

  17. pappa was way inside the box

  18. pappa was way inside the box


  20. ChristosTheMessi

    Dude Wtf Pappa was like yards inside the box terrible call by the ref seriously and the linesman even worse

  21. Bad Penalty takers man….

  22. Let’s go Fire! We take the 3

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