Heroic Moments – Chicago Fire

Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. Here’s an amazing mashup of the best heroic moments on Chicago Fire. Check
    it out now and don’t forget we’ll be back on January 30 with new episodes.

  2. Irish Fireman

    What song is this because I really like it

  3. Jaaniyah Tyler

    I really loved it :-)

  4. Jaaniyah Tyler

    It’s funny how the chief talks

  5. Carolita Ornelas

    I know what you mean. It isn’t as if Rescue Me has the Market on
    Firefighter shows. I for one happen to love Chicago Fire I hope many give
    it a chance.

  6. Found the song- Winterspell Dubstep Remix, Two Steps From Hell.

  7. Jesse Spencer Taylor kinney and mills are so hot

  8. Amazing show! Every episode from the first scene to the last second has me
    on the edge of my seat!!! The cast, writers and crew deliver every week!!!

  9. Best qoute… How long have you been a Fireman Since the day i was born

  10. Rescue me wasnt mainly about firefighting It was too sexual and was about
    the 9/11 after math i watched every show

  11. Gotta love dubstep

  12. Desiree Roberts

    It’s funny how people think this is like Rescue Me…it’s not, except for
    in the most basic way. You don’t call every show about cops and lawyers Law
    and Order, do you? Honestly, grow up and open your minds.

  13. Great video clips! But by the 2:00 mark I was over the music..felt like a
    Sega Genesis video game.

  14. singleminded84

    I love how much this show developed since episode 1. You can see they’re
    getting better. Thank2 for this compilation.

  15. Fantastic, love the music as well, does anyone know what it is?

  16. The music SOUNDS like Skrillex, but I cant confirm

  17. Omg i’m obsessed can’t wait for season 2!

  18. Amaro Arellano


  19. NarexProductions

    Nice, loved it!

  20. This is an awesome video!

  21. Awesome video!!! ;)…music?

  22. Grender Movie

    MEGA LIKE! best serial I’ve ever seen of this serial hope to broadcast not

  23. Omar Gonzalez

    Hi Lynn Antony um idk u but isn’t this show awesome besides that am a girl
    this is my bros ipod soo yeah

  24. Good show

  25. To all of us who do this for real.. My Gods grace guide and protect us, so
    we can protect them.