Great Chicago Fire 1871

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  1. Melissa Castaneda

    She wrote this on my birthday i read it ever time it is my birthday i would never lose this letter!

  2. Melissa Castaneda

    I cry each time i remember this seeing he scrapbook everything she had taken of the fire and before the fire *she had a camera* and she saying” Godbless Chicago and the residents”
    i am still visiting her in the cemetery she died in 1920 from a heart attack i have a note that says ” Dear my 2000 daughter *meaning i was part of her* i hope you live long and bless this state stay safe keep others safe be kind and Bless for the Chicago fire that killed hundreds of people Love you forever 10-11-1872

  3. Melissa Castaneda

    I remebered when my great grand mother told me that her mom moms was walking in Chicago *in 1871* ready to go to her vaction she had remember she was warned by people running she felt the hottness of the flames near her she ran with rest of the Chicago residents to shelter she had said she remembered kids crying be being burned in flames building collapesing….. she made her way to my old neighborhood and stayed there until it rained she remembered going back to the City look up seeing nothing

  4. chicago accent is terrible.

  5. I’m doing a 6 page paper on this.

  6. im doing a report about this  and i have to write 2 pages this was the saddest story i ever heard

  7. I very rarely respond to the video comments on my videos, but just want to say yes – I am very aware of the huge Peshtigo Fire which occurred the same night and was bigger. Also Holland Mich burned down and most of Lower Michigan the same night! I believe the culprit was a comet and not Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. I just posted Chicago because I live here Thx

  8. TheEnviroFriend

    There was a much bigger fire in Peshitgo Wisconsin on the same day as the great Chicago fire, and it killed more people than the Great Chicago fire

    Most people don’t know or care about the Peshtigo fire because it didn’t happen in a big city like Chicago.

  9. jellybean1996ful

    I live in Chicago and the fire never reached me neighborhood

  10. great video im lerning about dis

  11. dontaskmewhatithink

    Ever look along the rail road tracks in the midwest and see miles and miles of it covered with hemp? When I was a child in the 70s it was at EVERY inch of track. I used to ask grampa why? He said the rail cars used to ship hemp seed and it sprinkled out. Why hemp seed? He said it was our fuel before the oil wells during his his daddy and grandpas time..

  12. dontaskmewhatithink

    Just another one of many rivers that catch fire during this few decades of American history. Why ? ..Why not before? ..Why not after?…

  13. dontaskmewhatithink

    LEGALIZE HEMP SEED OIL FUEL AGAIN. I don’t care what they do with smoking weed, I mean HEMP. The non fossil fuel we can all be getting our energy from again. 

  14. dontaskmewhatithink

    The pollutants on the river was raw gasoline. That was a unused byproduct of the earliest fossil oil processing till Henry Ford revolutionized the gasoline engine w/ lots of very cheap gas. Companys used to just dump it in all the rivers and many rivers caught fire. The oil companys of this day made heating fuels, lighting fuels, and diesel fuels. The first fossil producers did not know what to do with gas because before this time they had been processing hemp seed oil into deisel and heat oils

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