Defending the Cup, Again

Online video Score: four / five

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  1. it’s there, if you look now…

  2. You got my hopes up. I’m not seeing a link for that one.

  3. Yawn.


  4. thefirstrow._e_u for stream

  5. Darn shame the match is at Livestrong Sporting Park. CenturyLink would’ve packed twice as many fans in.

  6. This video feels incomplete without Levesque’s 48-second goal vs PDX in 2009, or Zach Scott’s side-netting PK in 2010 to win it.

  7. So exciting that I nearly fell asleep. Good job, good effort. #8812SKC

  8. this gave me chills…

  9. Fucking sucks it’s on GoalTV. Guess I’m stuck listening to the match 🙁

  10. Its aaaawwn.

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