Chicago Fire – The Extended #Cruzumba Cut (Digital Exclusive)

Video clip Ranking: five / five

Ann anything you particularly liked about the course

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  1. Aww this video is all kinds of amazing!!!

  2. Andi Zoffranieri

    this video is to Funny to Watch Cruz is a Zumba freak i Just Love Watching
    them Every Tuesday Night! Go Cruz Go!

  3. Lol fucking Mouch at the end flipping the bird to Cruz lol

  4. Oh please, please, please please, please, please, please,
    an extra! And random observation: anyone else think Jesse Spencer looks
    like he’s wondering how he got roped into the scene?

  5. Jonathan Turbide

    BTW at 1:38 Christian Stolte is giving someone a double middle finger,
    probably because he was spent and tired lol 

  6. Cruz + zumba = best thing of the season!!! thanks for this little extra!!

  7. Lmao, Monica at 0:38 she is getting so in to it hahaha
    Randy/Capp just kills me during this whole thing, he is hilarious
    Jesse Spencer is like “I have no idea what I’m doing. Like what.” the
    entire time.
    This whole thing is just priceless. hahahahaha

  8. Este capítulo es muy entretenido gracias! !

  9. Jonathan Turbide

    You can tell the cast had a lot of fun shooting that scene

  10. I want to go to Cruz’s class!!

  11. How long is the waiting list to get into his classes or do I just show up
    like the crew did?

  12. I am so glad they included the final take with the crew! Such a fun day on

  13. I wanna go to Cruz’s class!!

  14. hahahah very funny!!

  15. Love how Casey obviously has no idea what he’s doing but he totally owns it

  16. Cruz the Zumba teacher has got to be the funnist moment is CF history so

  17. Would be a wonderful challenge for other fire departments to post a video
    up of them doing Zumba or another exercise. 

  18. hahahaha loved it, pls do some more eps with Cruzumba

  19. Omg I thought Mouch/Christian might pass out!!!! XD
    That was amazing

  20. Anyone know name of song?

  21. J’adore un des grands moments de la saison 3

  22. Casey/Jesse sooooo uncoordinated lol. 

  23. one of the best scenes this season

  24. Margherita Pasquale

    ahahahahaha simpaticcissimi………..

  25. I want to join in too……