CHICAGO FIRE SECTION 8 November 7th 2009

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  1. Americans are now feeling how its like to make part of a group of ultras ! but still have much to learn! but however great job! respect from Sporting Club Portugal (SCP)

  2. Yes, Columbus Crew fans are motherfuckers……their own mothers. fucking inbred swine.

  3. Respect for glasgow rangers. UB07

  4. To hell with inter, the Brazilian strawberries.

  5. remember americans: this sport is calling football ;P
    but really nice support! didn’t expect that you have ultras in the us..

  6. I finally have repsect fot you guys! FROM MEXICO ULTRAS!


  8. ZuluuHD Zlatanovic

    Im the person in the Red shirt:)

  9. Respect from Glasgow Celtic although our fans are better

  10. This is mild to what goes on in South America and Europe. Keep it up though. Get yourselves a proper Ultras group. Best I’ve seen from an MLS team.

  11. im a galaxy fan that lives in indy looking to support chicago till LA comes to town i also own section8 tickets

  12. southparkfan2717

    @bcdfatcat Okay what the fuck. Why is it that every foreigner who thinks of the US thinks of “New York”. In Chicago, we are not New Yorkers, we are Chicagoans, and we are proud of that.

  13. I just seen two lads arguing down below in comments and I gotta comment on that. You need pyrotechnics, smokeys etc. You need damn fanatics who breathe football. I’ve been to chicago fire game. Boring picnic. I come from Poland. Games in small towns of population less than 100,000 are more exciting than this. Section is does a fair job but it is so small. Rest are wankers not caring bout football. I dont want this sport popular in US of A. It belongs to civilized world. Respect to ultra fanatics

  14. Coming from someone in a country that lives and breathes soccer (football to me) this is incredible. The passion you lads show is amazing, a credit to the MLS. Respect from Manchester United.

  15. Respect from FCT1898 – great performance – except for that Mexican flag in your section >:-/

    Anyway, cool to see Ultras scene rising in the US

  16. @bcdfatcat the cosmos is coming back to New York….!!!!!!!!

  17. ahahh itd be funny if they were alll actually burning lol ….

  18. Nice!!! I’m from Brazil! Sport Club Internacional and Chicago Fire together!

  19. I’m Brazillian, like for Sport Club Internacional and Chicago Fire =)

  20. or my FRIENDS mate lol, unless you have friends who work on a ship with you calling them mate is pretty stupid

  21. lol shit american sports? like what? lol, lad? sorry, im not your servant. Glad i dont come from a place where people call their moms what the egyptians called their wrapped dead

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