“Chicago Fire” Cast and Apparatus Filming Action with the Russian Arm

Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. The Video Catalyst Project
  2. Griffin Bussian

    Can anybody tell me what kind of back up alarm that is at 5:50?

  3. Angelica Zuniga

    Omg I would of love to have my picture taken with Severide!! I love the

  4. Awesome!

  5. falcondriver100

    I love the Chiefs turnout gear, not a speck of dirt on it. LOL!

    And what’s sad is this fucked up society wouldn’t THINK to have a picture
    taken with a REAL firefighter or cop, just these losers who would otherwise
    be working at Burger King.

  6. Jimmy Pegorino

    I came there! :)

  7. Erin Mishkin Jr.

    Chicago Fire TV Show does not use this Squad rig anymore because of a new
    rig and this is now working for Squads

  8. Best Show! :)

  9. FFGillystrap133

    The Siren Heard at 4:01 is the Wail setting.

  10. Dominique Dunn

    WOW that was really Joe driving. Didn’t know they actually drive

  11. What is the siren heard at 4:01?

  12. ONE LONE bum who dislike this?????????

    WHO are you???????

  13. Andrew Silva

    Just curious, on the camera vehicle, why did they have to make everything
    on the vehicle the same color as the body of it, I mean I saw how they had
    to completely cover the headlights and also the taillights and they also
    had to dress the tires the same way also……..

  14. Wonder why are they using that old SPARE truck.

  15. 9:45, it’s interesting how they are using external light sources for the
    cabin scene. Usually they use CCFL fluorescent tubes mounted on the
    dashboard and where the sun visor is to light up actor’s faces at night in
    vehicle scenes. I guess they need the external light source because it’s
    daylight outside.

  16. So wait, chicago fire is filmed in Philly? (cfr philly EMS dept?)

  17. They’re Amazing! Love the show.

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    Yes…they ARE hard to drive. Especially aerials. Joe Fire Truck , Miami.
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  19. Missed them by 10 days!!!! :(

  20. jimmy Clason

    Shay is hot

  21. Hopefully they get updated appliances for the 3rd season. I’m a firie in
    Australia and reckon the yanks sure know how to build a firetruck and its a
    shame they are using these tired old girls with rusted guards and dull
    paint. My opinion anyway