Chicago Fire – Athletes

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  1. this song >>>>

  2. I’ll be there October 10th NBC

  3. The song….where???


  5. Does anyone have a link to this version of the song? On youtube each one is low quality live or a cover.

  6. Jesse Spencer come back on my TV!

  7. SuperTallNiggra

    I’m a proud Paramedic firefighter 🙂

  8. uh the whole song has been out for a while. Just look up Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

  9. Looks good

  10. matthewsmith1994

    thank you cause i didnt know what the song was

  11. This better not be another failed attempt at a first responder based TV show. I trust Dick Wolf, but I hope it is accurate to what really happens in a structure fire or at a car wreck or even with a patient going downhill…

  12. So…..when will they release this as a whole song? 😀

  13. songs?

  14. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons(:

  15. They have to maintain their physiques.

  16. Jesse Spencer!!!!!

  17. rocketshipthumbsbwaa

    What is this song? D;

  18. Song is Radioactive – Imagine Dragons to all who don’t know.

  19. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

  20. WingsOfReparation

    > “This looks so hot!”
    > Show is called Chicago ‘Fire’

    I see what you did there.

  21. I love this song!

  22. Alan Worthington

    whats this song?!

  23. Yay imagine dragons!!!!