Chelsea vs. Seattle Sounders Full Highlights: World Football Challenge 2012

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  1. Chelsea F.C.: wearing blue
    Seattle Sounders: also wearing blue

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  3. turnbull is just as bad as hilario. probly worst. did u see his performance against Liverpool in the second leg of the bpl at anfield? horrible.

  4. lukaku is going on loan to west brom for some 1st team experience =(. guess us chelsea fans go have to wait another season to see what’ he has to offer.

  5. @jtadams8 Courtois is doing well in Spain just recall him, no need to call god

  6. Lukaku = Drogba in version of Monster. I think he will eat the defenders, and spitting the skull.

  7. Negative comment about MLS.

  8. Lukaku is beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

  9. lol the commentator said lukaku is a beast

  10. lukaku is beast

  11. INoScopedBatman

    @jtadams8 We signed a new keeper this seasom

  12. Why does everything gets replayed a hundred times

  13. marko marin and eden hazard scored the same type of goal and I defintely think Lukaku will be the next Drogba, he works well with Marin and Hazard 🙂

  14. lukaku is looking confident so hopefully RDM will play him

  15. MentalMonsta123

    dont matter how you get the goals as long as you win

  16. XxZombiebeastsXx

    all goals were in first half wtf

  17. XxZombiebeastsXx

    freddy montero looked better with short hair

  18. XxZombiebeastsXx

    the intro look like fifa 12 transfer deadline day thing

  19. Fredy montero is in the top 5 silvers for
    Me in fifa 😀
    Marin hazard and lukaku look like a very good companionship , seattles keeper was terrible though

  20. well ive loved hazard for ages glad he scores and on fifa ut ive allways had lukaku hes god !

  21. lol at Seattle keeper, DERP

  22. Dear Roberto, I played as a Keeper for one season when i was 12, may i replace Hilario?

  23. Yea and if someone scores an absolute screamer they just say “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”
    I just mute the TV…

  24. yer but we still have turnbull so were safe

  25. 3 goal belgium player

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