Chelsea FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC Recap: World Football Challenge 2012

Video Score: 4 / five

Some only invest in the mortgages while other get more focus on industrial buildings and parking lots

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  1. that fredy montero guy will be bought by a big european team soon

  2. scarymonstersandshit

    take her clothes off? I volunteer!

  3. *clicked show the comment…..comment no longer exist* FUUUUUUU

  4. I was at the game, Our crowd (sounders crowd) was GREAT!

  5. MLS simply doesn’t have the amount of money Top Euro teams generate or are provided by sugar daddies. The more money MLS makes, the better the teams will get. Also lets not forget the bankruptcies and huge debt many teams throughout Europe and around the world have on hand.

  6. “We did good.” – Montero. lol…

  7. Freddy Montero impressed me alot. Good job to the Sounders from a Chelsea supporter 🙂

  8. Why doesn’t she just dress in a bikini?

  9. Very good MLS your improving greatly

  10. Blue shit > Blaugrana mierda

  11. This should be the only video Kick should have put out for this game. Seriously, my feed was filled with way to many individual videos with a intro that quickly got old. Odds are we are watching the game kick.

  12. yea but still very almost every time a team form Europe comes to play them they always loose real madrid vs l.a galaxy madrid won 3-0 yes they are getting better but still have a lot to go

  13. Chelsea has gotten a lot better, would love to see a match between them and Real Madrid. Hala Madrid ! <3

  14. This girl is so annoying, please take her off kick tv

  15. Yea Babay!!! Thats the Young new playerswe want

  16. i’d hit that

  17. Hahahahaha Angry Barca fan i guess, U MAD BRO?

  18. Great first half and great job from Lukaku, Hazard, Marin, and De Bruyne.

  19. Hope Lukaku plays a lot this season, would love him to really become the next Drogba!

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