ALL ACCESS: Chelsea FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC – World Football Challenge 2012

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  1. Maybe I like seattle you fucking idiot. You’re really good at making yourself look like a dumbass. Hahahahaha.

  2. So why the fuck are you watching it, dumbass? If you don’t fucking like Chelsea, don’t fucking watch it. You’re the fucking fool here.

  3. Didn’t complain about the video dipshit? Just don’t like Chelsea. Why don’t people read comments before replying, makes you look like a fucking fool.

  4. And since someone put a gun to gun to your head to force you to watch it….

  5. Subscribed to the channel you dumb fuck.

  6. this reporter is sooo hot

  7. the reporter is better than porn mate

  8. only arsenal and man u have more fans in the stadium then sounders? lol are you kidding me?

  9. I have no problem with that, that kind off atmosphere i respect im talking about the americans who claim they support the europien clubs, That sort of celebration is typical of america and i meen that in a good way, whereas in england its more of banter with the aggressive chanting but still creates a lively fued between both sets of fans and gets the place pumping.

  10. Of course not. We’re Americans. We don’t cheer for Chelsea, we cheer for our homeland Look at this and try to tell me we are plastic. /watch?v=nv_ZYxzyvRI

  11. Fuck off ive lived in chelsea my whole life and for the past 4 years have been a season ticket holder and every year the atmosphere is greater and greater, you never see any Americans at the bridge, if we didnt have all this glory other nations wouldnt even talk about us, is discusting, just support your home team regardless weather they win or lose, ive been a Chelsea fan when we were mid table, no americans ever mention chelsea then, DISCRACE!

  12. LMAO. That’s coming from England. Your fans can’t even sing for 90 minutes.


  14. Yeah stupid, she was talking in general terms so if you want to see fuckin stupid take a look in the mirror. Seattle fans are really great fans + argueably the best in the MLS.

  15. the looks so much friendly than a man u match

  16. who won?

  17. America is full of plastic fans

  18. Ethanrobinson99

    Americans supporting CFC because we won the CLF.

  19. Ethanrobinson99

    Well, obviously Seattle Saunders would have the better fan base because they are at their stadium is the usa. Fucking stupid Americans.

  20. Nice to see the football community in the US grow.
    but they still have a long way to go if they want to compete on the highest level.

  21. Is Jackie American or English?

  22. Lmao the one with 6 Premier League goals in the whole season.

  23. thanks thnks thanks doe this video!!!!!

  24. @R0ssyB0ii You misspelled Manchester City 😛 

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