Alexi Lalas Has No Soul & 100 Years of US Soccer | JC’s American Soccer Spectacular

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  1. go usa, reinvent your soccer again and again till you are number 1

  2. Play fancy in another game, this is the World Cup we’re talking about, just
    score goals and win the trophy, if it’s a goal, it’s all pretty.

  3. Play good don’t advance

  4. u shud have said how against mexico in our last game we sat back and
    defended the whole game….come on jimmy

  5. KZMProductionsHD

    USA is pay to play so lots of AMAZING talent go by unnoticed -_-

  6. Haha jimmy pwned- thanks for including that bit and not deleting it!

  7. The American style is always the underdog. Rocky 1 through 6, he’s not
    favored to win, gets knocked down, but comes back to win the match. Batman
    becomes a villain, gets knocked down by Bane, but comes back to save the
    day. Ricky Bobby is replaced by Jean Girard, comes out his rock bottom, and
    defeats Jean at Talladega at the last moment. US soccer is not favored to
    win, gets outplayed a bit, but comes back to save the day. It’s not just
    our playing style, it’s our culture.

  8. Lol Socceroos…what a joke.

  9. Lmao Gulati.

  10. American football (NFL) looks stupid to every other country on earth.
    Soccer fans everywhere pray to god our sport doesn’t turn into NFL.

  11. play the game however as long as you don’t concede a goal, and can score
    goal( s). the USA has improved in skills and will throughout the year.
    different managers have different styles, hence sometimes that
    stereotypical bunker in and counter, even if the usa played that way, and
    won no one would complain. anyhow, that guy did seem somewhat defensive.
    Jimmy Conrad you are rad!

  12. no it’s not. do you actually believe that? fucking stupid people…

  13. Play ugly and advance


  15. ‘MURICA !!!!

  16. Kmz, your right, a lot of players go on notice!!! I mean a lot.

  17. probably more than you

  18. Usa not make it to world cup.

  19. I’d rather be hungry and winning, than full and losing!

  20. ugly and win

  21. Lol us soccer… Really… Sucks

  22. The intro was in university of Phoenix stadium

  23. play the beautiful game the way it should be. i would much rather watch my
    nation play beautiful soccer but go out than just bunkering up at the back

  24. Winning is winning. Be it by a mile or an inch. Pretty or ugly. Win ugly
    rather then lose beautifully.

  25. fa is150 years old now