Long term United States goal keeper Hope Solo was sacked by the soccer federation, after her poorly thought out comments at the recently concluded Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

For more than ten years, Hope Solo stood like a rock for the US in between the goal posts, but it seems her time has ended. Hope Solo has stepped on several toes many times, but the US soccer federation isna��t allowing her go scot free this time.

Hope Solo has a reputation for clashing with coaches, picking fights with former players, particularly on social media and condemning her teammates. Two years ago, she was even arrested on domestic assault charges. Last year, she was in the same team van as her husband when he was arrested for driving under the influence. On popular ABC show Dancing with the Stars, she picked a fight with her partner, accusing her of slapping her and adding that the show was rigged. The last straw that broke the camela��s back was the comments she made after the US lost to Sweden at the Olympics.

Ahead of the games in Brazil, she angered many when she posted a picture of herself in a mask, with insect repellents laid out a�� in response to the Zika virus. After the loss to Sweden, she attacked the tactics of her opponents. She called them a�?a bunch of cowards,a�? adding that the a�?best teama�? had not won. The soccer federation decided to terminate her contact with the national team. She is also placed on six months suspension.

Hope would remain one of the most decorated football players with her two Olympic gold medals and 2015 World Cup. She has over 200 international games to her belt, also arguably being the best goal keeper in American history a�� male or female.

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